About Us

“Smart Surface Sdn Bhd” (Sdn Bhd means Limited Liability Company) is a new surface computing provider specialized in computer Natural User Interfaces (NUI) where traditional Input/Output elements are replaced by intuitive everyday objects. Instead of a keyboard, mouse and screen, users interact directly with our SmartSurface. SmartSurface can take any flat form imaginable—from coffee tables to smart walls. SmartSurface can understand and interpret human gestures through multi touches and hand postures.

Company Introduction

Smart Surface Sdn Bhd is a fast growing local Malaysia startup (30% Bumiputra) that bases its research on the development of multitouch surface computers and software. Smart Surface Sdn Bhd aims to provide a commercial frame for further research pertaining to the production of surface computers and for the promotion and sales of these products within Malaysia and abroad.
In addition to designing and building actual surface computers, the company provides multitouch programming solutions for surface computers and applications as well as integration services related to surface computer and gesture control use in different industries.

We pride ourselves on being the only multitouch and gesture control solutions specialized provider outside of North America and Europe who produces customized solutions with different applications, dimensions and specifications, and various display and detection technologies.


Smart Surface Technology Differentiation

Smart Surface strengths are both commercial and technological. The following points set us ahead of all competitors and provide clear technology differentiation and added value to our clients.


  • We are the pioneers in developing the use of LCD screens for display technologies in addition to rear- projection and developing a compact size multitouch surface computer based in this technology.
  • We have developed own detection system based on laser technology which is a shift from the infra red detection technology that all other available products are based on.
  • We have know-how in both tabletop computers and vertical wall surfaces, with sizes unachievable by other competing technologies.
  •  We are the only company who offer total customization (in size and specifications) to suit the client requirements.


  •  We are the only company producing our own standalone commercial version of a multi camera tracking software which is the heart of the surface computer. This enables extremely fast response to user interaction and compatibility.
  •  We are constantly refining and developing software that is compatible with multitouch.
  •  We offer customized applications to each client to cater to any special functions they may require.
  •  We are the only company who offers to provide Software Development Kit (SDK) for FREE to customers to develop their own applications (other competitors either do not supply or provide it for a hefty fee).
  •  We are well advanced in state-of-the-art gesture recognition technologies that are a step ahead of the touch based recognition systems


  • We guarantee competitive prices lower than the nearest competitor (for the same quality and functions, and under the same conditions).
  •  We are the only entirely specialized provider of multitouch walls and standard & customized tabletops who are located outside of North America or Europe allowing us to cut costs.
  •  Or flexible Business Model based on cooperating with clients to provide solutions under their own name brand gives us a competitive edge in offering profitable revenue models for our clients.

In praise of Smart Surface Technology

“The Smart Surface Solution, unlike other rear projection based competitors, is based on a number of different technologies that enable a large number of form factors for different applications. Their solutions are the first to use laser-based detection in addition to the standard IR illumination, and stripped LCD based display technology in the place of IR projection.”

Frost & Sullivan; the leading global market research company

Smart Surface